Nowadays, for customers and consumers of raw materials, getting products that are harmless and sustainable in time is a trending election. Developing consumer goods requires knowing with certainty the continued provision of inputs so that “Premium” products can be developed

Therefore, enterprises need to know the behavior and governance of the different Value Chains. The networking between stakeholders is a key issue for the development of business, mostly when it’s needed to ensure continuous supply. Product development requires that each of the links must be competitive to be able, all together, to conquer and maintain markets.

At A-Fines we have the experience in design and interventions of Value Chains and in the analysis of sustainability of them. The firm has qualified staff to develop activities of surveying, analysis, intervention design and implementation of the Value Chains. We also work in the field of responsible production of extensive and intensive crops: environmentally, socially and economically sustainable and in support for the soy certification ISCC or RTSS.