As specialists in agribusiness and Value Chains, we handle modern strategies and techniques of microfinance to lever up business plans of the several stakeholders of the chains, particularly to farm producers.

As experts we advise enterprises, co-ops, producer’s organizations or individual producers in their investment projects, as well as in the development (design and implementation) of rural financial services focused and aligned to different agribusiness or segments of the population (young people, women, etc.), to funding bodies as Second-Tier Banking, Banks, Financiers, Federations, Co-ops, NGO and other liaison financiers. We offer training in business plan formulation, rural administration, accounting, microcredit technologies and financial education at different levels.

In this context, the Consultant has worked in projects that included strategic and operative plans for savings and credit unions, as well as in production; training in financing Value Chains and Financial Education, assistance to livestock producers in articulations of loans with funding bodies and co-ops and in agricultural technical assistance and articulation of loans with agricultural insurance with funding bodies, co-ops and banks to farm producers.