In tropical and sub-tropical regions, the natural conditions of climate and soil require a sustainable management of the soil and forests in small and large-sized lands.Bare ground and exposed to the impact of rainfall and heat of the sunshine that can rise up temperature of the ground to 60 degrees Celsius, facilitates soil erosion, speeds up the rooting and mineralization and increases the emissions of greenhouse gases. Natural conditions of the climate require land use under vegetative cover, living or dead, continually. Thereby, is important to conserve and preserve remaining forests and other categories of natural ecosystems since they contribute to maintain a more stable microclimate and to develop the resilience in situ under the effects of climate change.

The consultant has extensive experience in sustainable management of natural resources and Conservation Agriculture in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay. The services that the consultant offers includes diagnose of the situation of forest areas and protected wild-lands, identification of strategies for biodiversity conservation, verification of environmental legal compliance and advice for adaptation to it, analysis for the integration of biodiversity management and soil conservation with productive activities, among other services that promotes the inclusion of the environmental component in development activities.