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Initially a group of professionals that in their efforts of individual work, contributed to the society development. Sharing different working places together and, in that way, developing working relationships and friendship that resulted in the recognition both from their contracting party and the society. Several professional tasks carried out by the members of the group have developed affinity on the search of solutions to problems exposed by the contracting party.
Affinity not necessarily means always agree on ideas, nor thinking the same way. Affinity is given by the commitment of each of us, in values such as responsibility, ethics and solidarity to develop activities that search solutions, which have the human being as the center of their actions.
In 2008, an opportunity of working together came out. The tasks hired by an international NGO required multitasking skills and capacities. The members of the group joined once again to accomplish the work entrusted and the results of them set off series of innovations and changes in their assessed.
Existing interest by contracting party in keep counting with the consulting services of the group, and other co-workers, inspired us to create an enterprise that can answer to their requirements more constantly and formally. After discussing about ideas and values that should orientate the group work, the conformation of a Society has been decided. It was so that on July 31th of 2008 was born A-Fines S.R.L., consulting firm with the values to serve people development.


With our work we contribute to generate qualified human resources in Paraguay and through that to drive the sustainable development, with the intention of achieve an improvement in living standards.


We are a society that promotes complex processes of development (economic, social, environmental, organizational, commercial, industrial), orientated to improve people’s living conditions.


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Ing. Agr. Henry Moriya

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Dr. Georg Birbaumer

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Tte. 2do. Juan Benítez 598
esq. Dr. Ángel Florentín Peña (Incas).
Edificio Don Pelayo, 1er. Piso, Dpto. 1 A.
B° Nazareth
Asunción - Paraguay
Postal code: 1905



+595 21 556 700

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